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I remember SassySue railing me most of the time (thanks a lot dear, huggers) and it turned into my first 4figure cash...
Some time after, i also recieved my MiniFTOPS jacket for making the final table:


Dit is een automatisch bericht van Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt Poker-toernooi #259850421 MiniFTOPS Event #36 Fixed Omaha H/L
Buy-In: $20.00 + $2.00
749 spelers
Totale prijzenpot: $15000.00
Startdatum: Jan 18 20:00 CET

Beste akaCLINT,

U bent in het toernooi op de 4th plaats geëindigd.
Er is $1275.00 in uw account gestort.

I never managed to change the language they email me in..., lol

GL all

akaCLINT Jan 19 · Comments: 5
FullTilt always has been my donking ground and still is...

Today i registered for some Flipsattys to MiniFTOPS Main Event (didnt get lucky...) and several Fliptourneys.
At the end i saw my account cleaned out, no FTPs left nor any $$..., lol

Then play started and now i got a little bankroll to continue the donking:

Full Tilt Poker Tournament #285894107 $150 Flipout NL Hold'em
Buy-In: $1.02 + $0.08
225 players
Total Prize Pool: $229.50
Start Date: Jan 18 16:40 CET

Dear akaCLINT,

You made a deal and finished the tournament in 1st place according to your chip count position.
There has been $49.52 added to your account.

Full Tilt Poker Tournament #285906646 $0.55 Flipout Sit & Go NL Hold'em
Buy-In: $0.51 + $0.04
81 players
Total Prize Pool: $41.31
Start Date: Jan 18 19:06 CET

Dear akaCLINT,

You finished the tournament in 4th place and $4.54 has been added to your account.

Full Tilt Poker Tournament #285911644 $300 Flipout NL Hold'em
Buy-In: $2.04 + $0.16
234 players
Total Prize Pool: $477.36
Start Date: Jan 18 20:40 CET

Dear akaCLINT,

You finished the tournament in 9th place and $9.62 has been added to your account.

Full Tilt Poker Tournament #285911644 $300 Flipout NL Hold'em
Buy-In: $2.04 + $0.16
234 players
Total Prize Pool: $477.36
Start Date: Jan 18 20:40 CET

Dear akaCLINT,

You finished the tournament in 3rd place and $60.12 has been added to your account.

Always a matter of good luck getting past the first round, but the level play is quite good after that....

GL all


akaCLINT Jan 18 · Comments: 5
I tried on forum to post a blog on my blueberry rhubarb pie, using a short version. Which meant I had to leave out a lot of important details. Tried to post once I finished, and came up Fatal error, and it won't post. So sorry to say unless I can do them in the blog method. Then my stay here will come to an end. I just don't have the time to waste on things that don't work.
hillbilliewalt Dec 20 '14 · Comments: 8
ok, I tried to post my show and tell recipe in forum. But from what I could see, it will only allow me to post 5 pictures at a time. This just won't do. For the one I was going to show, has 21 pictures in it. Is there another way of doing my posts?
hillbilliewalt Dec 15 '14 · Comments: 11
Think I will start off with a simple meal I fix tonight. Will show ya all what I did and what I used. Turned out pretty tasty.Here I have a pan of taters ready to be fried. Got around4 tablespoons of butter, sliced a medium size onion, added salt, pepper, and parsley flakes. Fry them on medium low heat covered. Turn them often and will come out great.What I have here is an all around slicer. I use this machine to slice the taters with. By using a machine like this, you will get even slices, which will allow all the taters getting done at the same time. Ya won't have thin slices and thick ones.Here I got a little oil, about 3 tablespoons butter and sliced onions. Here's what ya do with themya fry them until they become soft and almost translucent. use low heat for thisI have here a couple strip steaks. Seasoned them with pepper, and garlic powder. Ya won't need salt at this timelay them right in with the onions, and spread them out a little. fry for only a minute or so. Take the pan off the burner for time beingget some honey and A.1. sauce. Ya don't need a lot, about couple tablespoons of each is plentyin a small bowl,mix the 2 togetherput the pan back on the burner, turn it up to medium high heat, and pour the mixture over the meat. Give it a good stir for around 3 minutes. That's about all it takes to finish it up.
This is about what it should look like once it's ready. All ya got left to do is enjoythose red chunks ya see there, are my favorite. Pickled beets Rose and I canned. Here's your plate
hillbilliewalt Dec 10 '14 · Comments: 11
Hey everyone, I was asked a few days ago to join this site. I once was on railbirds, and did a lot of blogs doing show and tell of some of my cooking recipes. Was asked if I would share some on here. Well I hant making no promise on that at this time. I first wish to get the feel of how folks are on here, and if this is a family site I would be interested in. I know for the most part, many of ya have no idea who I am. So guess that means we at least have that in common. I like to joke, tease, have a good time like anyone else does. Or at least hope they do. One thing I will not tolerate is drama. For I will  leave as quick as I came. Looking forward to meeting new and exciting people on here who respect one another. As I assure you, I will show nothing but respect to all. With all that said, if I am excepted as a family member, in return I will gladly except ya all in my world.
hillbilliewalt Dec 10 '14 · Comments: 12

Hi all,

First up I would like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the players from the USAPokerZone coming out in such great numbers and playing your heart out for the tournament we all come to love so much! It's very much appreciated! I do come with a little request though. As you all know this tournament series is a lot of work to host (with putting up games, tweaking scoring, keeping track of scoring, putting blogs out, etcetera) and we would love it if you could come by at www.lapokernostra.net showing your support there by leaving a lil comment on the results blogs. It would mean a lot to us by also seeing you there and not just on the green felt!

Thank you for your listening ear and again for coming out every week to play in the Battle of the Clans!

With love,

Krabbeltje aka the idiot from Nothern Europe (Im still in my Hellmuth phase lolololol) aka Joris
Krabbeltje Nov 17 '14 · Comments: 2 · Tags: botc 9, support, lapokernostra

I would like to thank all my friends here and elsewhere for donating play chips to me. I really appreciated the friendship and show of support.

Thanks again


troutpw Nov 13 '14 · Comments: 5
First time to post so this is as much a "test" as anything cause I know all of you 'know' this stuff...if not, enjoy.  Wally

bullishwwd Oct 2 '14 · Comments: 22
I know i dont get much---- between working couple jobs, taking care of parents and doing the fundraisers -- sorry but i come when i can♥
Anyway,Met this young man on Americas Card room tonight and got in a conversation with him--- remarkable person and i would like to ask y'all to give a helping hand- read his story and donate----Lets help him out--- Pass Blessings on My Friends. Much love to y'all
jjlovepoker Sep 27 '14 · Comments: 3
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